By applying our knowledge of what drives social value we contribute pragmatic and realistic content to shape social due diligence and reporting standards.

We guide impact investors, donors, networks and international organisations to: 

  • Identify which organisations fit with your theory of change and commitment to social value;  

  • Develop process and outcome reporting and audit standards;  

  • Design and implement capacity building for impact and investment readiness. 


To be meaningful for investors and practical to collect our experience shows us that indicators need to: 

  • Be useful and meaningful to organisations to manage and improve performance 

  • Be cost-effective and practical to collect by non-specialist staff 

  • Provide consistent information 

  • Have a demonstrable link to the change they seek to measure 

  • Sensitive to positive & negative change 

  • Comparable between organisations, across context and over time 

Social investor due diligence and strategy 

Dutch social investor Oikocredit seeks to balance social and financial return in its debt and equity investments. A review of its strategy for social due diligence and capacity building proposed a mixed investment portfolio to ensure full deployment of investment funds with strong social and financial returns. To support this the social performance scorecard used in the investment due diligence process was revised.


Developing sector standards in microfinance 

The Universal Standards for Social Performance Management in microfinance were developed through a 5 year consultation process involving almost 1000 practitioners, investors, donors and policy-makers. The standards combine an objective focus on commonly accepted social goals in microfinance with a set of essential practices covering strategy, products and services, management systems, policies and processes and organisational culture. These standards now form a common basis for social due diligence, auditing, rating, capacity building and reporting in microfinance. Our Director, Anton Simanowitz, was a founding member and Board member of the Task Force that led the process.